We Are the 99%

We Are…

We are the 99%. The ones who are misinterpreted. The ones who are criticized with not having a coherent message even when our message is as clear as day; we want change, we want to live, we refuse to be slaves, we will not be bullied anymore, we will not allow anyone to deny us our human right to live and be free from the world economic system of veiled slavery.

We are the 99%. The ones who the 1% can’t seem to understand, the 1% that live a life of exuberant luxury while the 99% live in worry of how they will pay the next bill, how they will feed their starving children, how they will get out of the hell they live in.

We are the 99%. The Arab Spring, the Israeli Summer, the American Autumn, the Global Winter. From Asia to Africa to the Middle East to Europe to South America to North America, the people are waking up from their long slumber.

Long Have we set aside our collective and individual frustrations in favor of the “greater good of the Nation”, whatever nation that may be. Long have we bent ourselves over in order to keep the economy flowing for those who control the gateways of finance.

Our governments are taking us for a ride, to accommodate the 1% who own everything in this artificially created concept of an economy, and our rights are eroding further and further, in order to make us pliant citizens (at least for those of us who are lucky enough to be living in a country where complaining about your situation does not land you in jail or the morgue or some random mass grave), in order for the 1% to live their lives believing they are “descendants of gods”, or “god’s gift to humanity” (the arrogance of the rich and powerful, though tempered, is not that different from that of a bloody tyrant), pushing us around, literally, physically, emotionally, economically, psychologically, softly, harshly, as though they had a right to do so.

We are the 99%. We are the people, human beings, whom have had enough of the lies and theatrics of the capitalist elite.

We are the 99%. We are assured by the government that we are privileged citizens living in a “free” society, except for the fact that the rich and powerful have found yet another method to turn us in to their slaves without making it so obvious; the world and sovereign financial systems.

We are being artificially enslaved by the financial system. We are being forced to conform to the will of a capitalist economy that is built in the shape of an economically hierarchal pyramid.

Do not be deceived; when we work from 9-5 to insure the maximization of profits for the ones at the top of the establishment, we are working for their “success”, not ours. They make millions and we get paid just enough to pay our bills (but not enough to get out of debt), we are nothing more than slaves to the system that is owned by the 1%. Debt that you where tricked in to acquiring. Debt that was forced on you under the guise that “you will have a better life if you are in debt”.

We are the 99%. If they say that we live in a “free” society then explain to me why it is that we have to worry about how we will feed our children, how we will pay our bills, how we will afford a house, or a decent apartment, how will we provide our children with the best education, how can we get the best medical treatment, why should someone who is supper rich have veiled preference over us, why do tyrants (of nations and corporations) think that they can bully us, why do governments and corporations think that we are nothing more than expendable recourses… a statistical number… We are not a number… we are people.

We are the 99%. We who fund the government, with the exuberant taxes that we pay, expect the government to remember that it exists to serve us, the 99%, not the 1%. This is the same message of the protesters in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Australia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Iceland, Sweden, Chili, Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Japan, North and South Korea , Thailand, Cambodia, China, Pakistan, The USA, Canada, and many, many more people who are trying to say that they have had enough.

Tyrants may be ruthless, merciless, butchers, even criminals against humanity when compared to western leaders, yet Western “civilized” leaders are not any better. One use force to bully us around, the other uses “economic incentives” to bully us around… which is worse?… both. Both violate our rights as human beings though the method is in apparent stark contrast.

There are those that say that if you work hard the System will treat you good. That is true… anyone who works hard is entitled to a better life….but that is not the reality for the majority of us who do work hard.

There are those who work harder than everyone else and yet never get recognized. Never get appreciated. Never get promoted. They are the best at what they do and they work hard to ensure that they remain so.

These are professionals. People who will work hard because they believe in their work, yet who will never join the craze for a “corporate career” that does not appeal to them, just because the artificial system we live in dictates that this is what we should do it does not mean we should kill our spirit just to conform in a system that is just as ruthless as Middle Eastern tyrants.

We are told that in order to be financially successful we have to have a career. To rise and rise and rise further to the top where the “gods” entertain themselves at our expense.

When we are criticized we are told that “anyone can be comfortable and wealthy if they work hard for it”…. That is true…. But what they don’t tell us is that we will be forced to gradually abandon our humanity (even when disguised otherwise) in order to climb to the top upon everyone else’s back, as aggressively and ruthlessly unmerciful as possible before we get anywhere…

I, for one, have no wish to become a monster devoid of humanity in order to accommodate the delusions of the 1%.

Yes, “anyone” can reach the (corporate) “dream” of being at the top. But what they do not tell us is that many of us have to remain right where we are so that those very few who are ambitious enough about their career can get to the very top. Of course they do not tell us that someone has to clean the streets, fix the roads, file the papers, man the stations, in order for all that we have built to work as it should, and for us all “to rise together as one people” (especially in a system where the cost of living skyrockets higher than we can afford).

The world we live in is built on a system of inequality. Privatization of resources utilities health education and everything else when thy should be ours by right.

Education (not the propaganda type, and certainly not the dumbed down versions of governments who see fit to cut educational expenses), is the key to improving any “troubled” community.

Centers of academic learning, from nursery to higher education, have become corporatized. Education has become a commodity. Education has attained a commercial value, it is even traded in the stock market in an indirect manner.

Yes there are scholarships… but how many of us slip through the cracks?

Yes there are student loans… but why do we have to start off our lives in debt?

Why should the 1% be entitled to the best of everything when there are those among us who deserve it based on merit alone?

I am a dyslexic. In the system that I live in I am considered “learning disabled”. But the truth is that I am a faster learner than the average person… if you can figure out my unique learning style. As a dyslexic I have had to exert myself at great length in order to conform to what the majority deems as “normal”.

Why should anyone dictate what is “normal” to me when time and time again I have proven myself, my value, my worth, my professionalism, my valued experience, my honesty, my determination to be the best that I can, appreciated, respected, yet still discriminated against because of my “different” way of accomplishing things. And believe me when I tell you that I have accomplished miraculous feats in order to accommodate the powers that be of the work places I have been at.

I am Dyslexic and I am proud to be so. I am not learning disabled. I have my own unique style of learning. The majority of schools and academic centers rarely consider the unique learning style of the “learning disabled” because in this world of commodity, finance, and economics, it makes more “sense” to establish a system that resembles that of a factory assembly line.

We are not manufactured machines. We are not digital beings. We are analog human beings. We are all similar yet each of us is unique… so how can education be given according to a one-size-fits-all system of economics.

We are not lazy. We are hardworking people who excel at what they do yet don’t get the chance to rise up the proverbial ladder. Those of us who are unemployed are infuriated when we go to a government employment service and are told by an official that there are no jobs. “Go on welfare “they say. We do not want to live on welfare… this actually did happen to an immigrant friend of mine. She was furious. She had no intention to live on welfare. We want jobs… we want to put our experience to good use. We want to be productive but we want to do so on our own terms too.

We refuse to be exploited anymore. The system we live in is based on inequality and exploitation. We are told that we are all equal and that we are free. If that was true then a hungry homeless man should have the right to enter a posh restaurant, sit down at a table, and have himself (or herself) a good hearty meal fit for a king. Bu that is not possible because the meal, in the system we live in, would be unaffordable to the homeless man. Yet we are equal?

We live in a world where we are all equal… its just that there is the 1% that for some reason is more equal than everyone else.

Health is of paramount concern. Health care is a right… not a commodity… the insurance of our health, to its full extent, is one of the reasons we pay so many taxes. Where is the healthcare system? Why are we paying private companies to do a job that should be taken care off by the government.. we are paying taxes.

In every country, the healthcare system is somewhat to overwhelmingly privatized… one of the tricks that medical giants employ to their empowerment is that public healthcare is poorly funded… the long waiting times… the lack of doctors working for lower earnings… they try to convince us that by paying a premium we can get VIP status… but tell me why should someone, who’s merit is the depth of his pocket, get preferential treatment over someone who is in more urgent and dire need of it?

Pharmaceuticals, in the system that we live in, are commercially competitive, and inevitably playing with our lives by selling us legal, but addictive, drugs, or exuberantly priced cures for diseases that kill many who cannot afford it.

Government exists to serve the need of the people and to provide the same kind of services for all people. Governments take our taxes and give us poor services and then they encourage us to seek private help. The same with public and private education. Government should be providing service that is better than the best of the private “services”.. the government services should be the standard all others should aspire to emulate. Government has to be flexible with technology and to always be ready to deal with any citizen’s demand rather than the individual citizen who has more wealth and power. We are all powerful. We are the one that fund our government by our sheer numbers. This is our government and not the government of the of the 1%.

We are all united in our cause. People around the world are rising up to reclaim their lives and their governments. We are united in cause. Borders have been shattered. Let us work together. Let us never give up. Let us create a new system together. A system we can all be proud of. A system based on equality for all. This is our human right.

We are the 99%.

We Are…

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