The Quagmire and the Coming Storm

Syrian Protester
A Syrian Anti-Assad Protester in Montreal takes a photo of the march

So the Russians do not want Bashar to step down because they have a lucrative business going on with them, and also because it is their hand in the Middle East. The Turks don’t want Bashar to step down because they are terrified of a Kurdish uprising and probable declaration of independence. the Israelis do not want Bashar to step down because they are terrified of a free Arab world much more than they are of a despot who terrorizes his own people. So they, the Israelis, are doing the best they can to make the Arabs look as bad as possible to thwart the efforts of the Palestinians of gaining recognition for their statehood… can any one remember the price that was paid by the Palestinians for recognizing Israel as a state?

the Israeli government of Netanyahu where taken by surprise when they had an uprising of their own… a terrorist attack, followed by a bombing of Gaza, followed by the accidental killing of Egyptian border patrol. Following that, elements in Gaza declaring the end of the cease fire that has prevailed for a couple of years, just on the heels of the Palestinian declaration of statehood…. I suddenly can’t find any news of the Israeli protesters in the main stream media. All a little too convenient perhaps? There are reports that the Israeli forces had “prior knowledge” to these attacks. I don’t think the Israeli government expected Egypt to pull its ambassador all of a sudden. That frightened Netanyahu even more and caused them to apologize to the Egyptians when they outright refuse to apologize to the Turks, who by the way used to have very good ties with Israelis… strange that. Eleven the Israel social protesters realize that this is no more than a ploy to hit at the Palestinian bid for statehood and, at the same time, a ploy to divide the Israeli social protesters.

Stranger still is the fact that turkey now stands poised in a perfect position to take over Syria’s mantel as the bastion of defiance against the great and “evil Zionist state”. A little too convenient. Apparently the Turks are not yet ready to interfere with Syria because they do not yet have a clear candidate to be their puppet.

The protests in Syria are a perfect example of the importance of a unified movement that is well coordinated and that lacks a leader… an unnecessary leader. This is democracy. Not the commercialized version that the west is so eager to sell the Arab world. People working hand in hand, watching out for each other, hand in hand, never relenting to chant and defy oppression without resorting to violence themselves. They, who are about to die protesting salute you, people of the free world. This is the anonymous movement of a unified people.

Israel, who, ironically, does not recognize the Armenian genocide because of their strong ties with the Turkish state, even after the Mavi Marmara incident and the severing of ties between these two states, has all too quickly apologized to the Egyptians for the border patrol death. Turkey seems to have applied for the job of powerbroker in the area to replace the Syrians and the Iranians. So, ironically, the Turks are now terrified of the fast pace of events that are moving and are at a loss that they still do not have an inside candidate suitable enough to be their puppet and who will be accepted by the people… so naturally, the Turks, like the Israelis, they are terrified of an “unstable Syria” (as if it is not unstable as it is in the hands of Bashar and his lackeys) and fear more than anything a currish uprising against them and the creation of a Kurdish state. After all, the Turks do still occupy Kurdish land, as do Syria, Iran and Iraq. Why does this sound familiarly similar to the Arab/Israeli problem?

So the Turks will not heed the calls and cries of widows and orphans, they will not heed the appalling murder of 2 1/2 year olds. Will not heed the cries of a mother who lost her child, will not heed the cries of indignity, humiliation and physical violation, and murder of Syrian women and children, they will not heed the cries of the Syrian people calling for Bashar to go, they will not heed anything that is of real human value because they are terrified of what the Kurds will do if they do not install a puppet of their own in Damascus. At least every one knows that the Arab league is an ineffectual entity controlled by despots so there can never be anything expected from them. The Turkish government seems to be even worse than the Arab League. The Turkish state has now not only helped Bashar stab the Syrian people in the back, they also twisted it.

The Russians… well Putin still thinks he is fighting the cold war… but that may not be too far from the truth. Putin wants to maintain some semblance of the old USSR and its allies as much as possible. Besides, the Russians have capital interests in Syria’s current regime. Putin is a delusional Stalin wanabe. He is just as bad as Bashar in that he suppresses the voice of decent, thou he does so more discreetly.

China is just plan and simple terrified because it fears an insurrection of its own severely oppressed people. And why is Kim Jong-il visiting Russia right now? And why is it that the North Koreans are now becoming more vocal with their threats against the US and South Korea? And why has Iran suddenly right now found the American hikers guilty of being spies? Whatever was going to happen this weekend, whatever the west and their allies had planned for Syria has been thwarted by blackmail by the other side.

Maybe the cold war is still raging but at a much colder temperature.. Or this is the impression I am getting at least.

The stock market suddenly takes a dive and just as suddenly all the momentum that was building up this week against the Syrian regime dematerializes. It is now back to being a game of tug and war except the stress has increased, and where ever there is a massive pressure buildup, expect it to burst.

So while everyone of these states and leaders sit there with their head up that place that don’t shine, trying to figure a way out of this quagmire of who-will-do-what-and when-would-be-the-right-time, and being all so concerned about stability and security-and wondering if Bashar would still be a viable partner in the Arab Israeli conflict business corporation that they have established, the Syrian people are still being murdered by the butcher of Syria.

The US said that they want Bashar to “step aside” not “step down” this means they want him to lay low and out of site while he pretends to give over to the peoples demands and establish a new “reformed” sate while he continues to control things from behind the curtains, the Syrian people will not accept this, the people of the Arab Spring will not accept this either.

Obviously western states have also lost their sense of humanity and lost every last shred of “legitimacy” along with Bashar losing his. The west, apparently, does not believe in the power of the people nor in granting them real democracy, not if it will threaten their commercial interests, and more so that of Israel and Israel’s security.

Every time a child is killed, every time a Syrian is killed, every time a Syrian is raped, every time a Syrian is disappeared, the west loses its own legitimacy as much as Bashar and his lackeys have long lost theirs.

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