The Evolution of an Idea

“Now I have become death, the destroyer of worlds.” The words uttered by Julius Robert Oppenheimer, sometime after he helped create the first atomic bomb and finally realized the Pandora’s box he had opened. Greek mythology credits a female called Pandora with opening a box that let out all that was evil into the world. The words are from the Hindu scriptures known as the “Bhagavad Gita”, a conscientious precursor to Machiavelli’s “The Prince”. Yet the truth is that man is a week creature not accustomed to accepting failure, thus the unleashing of all evil was scapegoated upon poor unsuspecting Pandora, who, in her turn was but a pawn in the hands of the Olympian gods to upset the balance of nature and the wisdom of an early form of a Christ like figure, Prometheus, giver of the flame of knowledge, a possible minor equivalent to the biblical eve and the tree of knowledge.

Now I have become death, the destroyer of worlds. The words ring in my ears as I witness the events of the world unfolding before my senses. An Arab Spring, an African American president, hacktivists, anonymous internet revolt, these represent the hope that remained when all evil escaped “Pandora’s” Box, faced against war, famine, greed, bigotry, in-humanity, and retardation of human evolution.

“Where is God?… God is dead… we Killed him…” wrote Nietzsche, and the world misunderstood his meaning and others, including Hitler, latched on to what they never understood. Used to it to their malcontent end. “Gott ist tot” “God is dead” Killed by the crusades, and the jihads, and the hypocrisy, and the lies of the church, the mosque, the synagogue, and all the politicians who used the, what was once the purity of faith in something greater than humanity, to their own personal worldly ends, killing god, killing faith, leaving humanity devoid of its soul and place.

Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, are all part of the same idea. Islam sprang out of Christianity, the prophet, and all prophets must be mad (a compliment rather than an insult), Mohammad was inspired by the teachings of the original gospels of Christianity, Jesus was a Jew who benefited from the trade of ideas with Hindu and Buddhist ideologies traveling along the roots of the world’s communication systems. Roads, caravans, merchants of ideas and manufactured products, like Mohammad thought to bring a positive change to his community and the world, amending the understanding of the Jewish texts in time and space. Though Judaism is not even the beginning, for the idea of faith goes back to when we were cave dwellers and maybe even before. Humanities attempt to explain the unexplainable and to describe the feeling of ones and individuality within the context of their understanding of the world. Everything is relative. Our perspective is relative. The seed of this idea has existed far longer than is believed, yet we fight to enforce which is the most riotous faith of all…… non, though few have grasped this idea yet.

Religion is no the only idea that has evolved over the long stretch of time and space beyond recorded history, all the way back to the origin of the vast universe in which we, insignificantly, live in. The uprising of the downtrodden, the peasants, the lower class, the poor, the oppressed who wish to learn and be enlightened and prosper with dignity and humanity.

God is dead, we have killed him, and in so doing we have doomed ourselves. Not that god is important but because we have, in our selfish pursuits of God, and godly ambitions, destroyed our own humanity. Just look at the news today and understand that we have gone astray and our ideas are in desperate need of evolving beyond the status quo that we cling on to with dear life, stifling our own evolution and enlightenment.

The world is about to change. The tidal waves of change will be unrelenting. The down trodden are rising up against slavery of the mind, body and soul. one way or the other, every evolutionary revolt has succeeded and will continue to do so…. So brace yourselves for the coming winds of eternal change.

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