Money Is The Root Of All Evil.

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Money is the root of all evil. Short of sounding like some sort of litany from some sort of obscure religious text, or, more likely, some sort of old cliché. But there is a lot of truth in these words. Money. Currency. We are driven by it all. By this system. Capitalism. Profit. Greed. Every day we wake up and head off to the office, or the field, or whatever, and we try to make a living within a system that is anything but egalitarian. Just to pay the bills. To survive. To live the way we like. Some have it easy. Some have it hard. Some have it in ludicrous quantities. Some have nothing of it at all.

In a world where poverty still exists. In a world where it all makes perfect sense when expressed in terms of currency. In a world where we have to struggle with this system to feel human. What madness is this? We do not need money to live. We need food. We need shelter. We need comfort. We do not need money to evolve. We need know age. We need awareness. We need understanding.

Statistics show that one day the world will run out of many resources that we currently take for granted. Food . oil. Water. We give it all value. We value it according to supply and demand. But maybe we should measure it according to need. Why should a small percentage of the world population hold the majority of its wealth when the majority of the people live in lesser standards? When a sizable portion of the population live in absolute deprivation? We call it luck. We call it competence. We call it anything under the sun yet we avoid calling it what it really is. In-human. Un-egalitarian. Bigotry. Yes! To be wealthy and expect people to do your biding is yet another form of bigotry.

The system we live in has transformed this world into a shape of ugliness. Why should poverty exist? Why should people live in poverty? Why can’t we feed those who are starving? Surly some of us live in absolute luxury never worrying about what choice of food they will have today. Many people have no choice what so ever. Many people… Many humans have no choice of having any food toady. This is the result of a world that thinks in nothing more than numbers…. Cost… price….

Are we equal? The last time I checked the charter of human rights belonged to ALL humans.. Not just the rich.. Not just the wealthy.. not just the well-off… do not be fooled in to thinking that the capitalist dreams provides just that. The minute you start making more money, someone is making less. The minute you decide that you can afford to have the luxuries of your desire there are those that have nothing whatsoever. No shelter from weather. No food to fill the belly. No luxury to be free.

Why do we still hold on to this unmanageable system? Why do we still allow this unjust and un-humanitarian system to thrive? money is the root of much of the world’s evil. Just look at the war economy and you will see how this system has stifled progress.

Can you imagine world without money? Sadly the majority of the world can not imagine this. We have grown up learning that money makes the world go round and that without it nothing can happen…. We would have nothing without money…. That may be true in a world where currency is the norm. but what if we eliminate the entire system and replace it with something more elaborate, all encompassing, a system that would not leave anyone behind. How would we achieve this? What would the world be like if we do? Many will dismiss this notion as “idealistic”.. which is true… but it can be implemented…. If we start thinking outside the money box.

Again I ask. Can you imagine a world that does not depend on money?

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