Montreal protest in solidarity with the Lebanese #YouStink movement

On sunday August 30, 2015 a protest in solidarity with the Lebanese #YouStink movement was held in Montreal in front of city hall. 99%Media photojournalists, livestreamer and journalist where on location to cover the event. Solidarity protests were held in cities across the world where the expatriate Lebanese community came out to voice their discontent with the situation in Lebanon. It is rare that the Lebanese people break the sectarian mold and agree on something, but these protesters came together for a unifying non-sectarian cause that began in Beirut. In our previous article 99%Media journalists in Lebanon collaborated with their colleagues in Montreal to explain the reasons behind the #YouStink movement. In essence, the movement was triggered beacuse of the growing garbage situation in Lebanon where, due to political bickering and shortsightedness, garbage was no longer being picked and had been piling up on the streets for weeks. This was, as they would say, the straw that broke the camel’s back. In a rarity for a country that is divided across 18 confessional, and numerous more intra-confessional lines, the people came out and lashed their frustration at all the Lebanese politicians… without exception. In Montreal this show of unity of ... >>>

31 août 2015

The Beirut Wall That Was Built In One Day And Fell The Next

Chronicling the Beirut #YouStink protests can at times yield tragically comic results. Comic because of the absurdity of the situation, tragic because in Lebanon it is the innocent people who always end up with the bad end of the stick. On Monday August 24th 2015, right after the weekend the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) fired high pressure water canons, tear gas grenades, and rubber coated bullets at the #YouStink protesters, the authorities saw fit to erect a wall to protect the Sarail (house of the government), and the parliament. Resourceful and creative as they are, the protesters graffitied the walls in an act of resilient defiance. The Berlin Wall was erected in one day. It took 28 years for the berlin wall to fall in 1989. The Beirut Wall, similarly to the Berlin Wall, was erected in one day. Unlike the Berlin Wall which divided the German people from each other, the Beirut Wall was meant to keep the political elite and the members of parliament, who supposedly represent the people, safe and secure from the angry protesters, thus dividing the government from the people. However, that division is merely symbolic as the government barely ... >>>

25 août 2015

The Hypocrisy of the Lebanese; the Still Uncured Plague that Rapes my People

The Hypocrisy of the Lebanese; the Still Uncured Plague that Rapes my People On the 30th of July 2011, my wife and I attended a candle light vigil march in Montreal, in solidarity with the protesters in Syria, and especially with the children of Syria. I met a young Lebanese compatriot who was also participating in the march. I thought to myself that it is good that some Lebanese are liberated from the homeland mentality of follow-the-sectarian-leader-no-matter-what, and has decided, for himself, to participate in a march for dignity and true solidarity with the oppressed. Then I spoke with him and was severely disappointed. From the start he flaunted his diseased mentality to me, claiming that what “these people” need is the sage guidance of the Hakim (the doctor or Wise Man). A reference to one of Lebanon’s extremist Christian leaders, Samir Geagea, leader of the infamous Lebanese Forces. I was utterly stunned to see someone living in North America with such an anachronistic sense of purpose. I told him that I was of the opinion that people like him are like sheep that follow their respective nefarious and sectarian feudal lords, and that it is the sheep of Lebanon that are ... >>>

7 août 2011