Our Last Hope

I am an immigrant. I left my home country in 2006 in search of a better life. I left because I could no longer stand the lack of accountability of the politicians and elite leaders of my home country. Lebanon, my country of birth, witnessed a “civil” war from 1975-1990. I was born and raised during this time. All I ever knew of the world as a child was this bloody war. I, and others of my age, grew up with the hope of a better world free of fear and the impunity of those with power. After the war, the same warlords and criminals, who created the humanitarian crisis, that usually results from war, became the politicians and leaders that governed Lebanon. Warlords and criminals became the government. Corruption and impunity of abuse of power became the norm that we all accepted because we could do nothing against it without risking our lives. And being the activist and humanitarian that I am, I could take it no more… So I left… Leaving behind all my friends and family, all my good memories, all my experiences of love and nature and culture, to find a place where expressing my thoughts ... >>>

1 août 2015